Castillo Del Sol is a Spanish themed hotel focusing on the culture and history of St. Augustine Florida’s early beginnings. The hotel caters to tourists who are attracted to that culture and come to ST. Augustine to experience it. 
What I chose to do with designing the identity for Castillo Del Sol hotel is to show uniformity and consistency through out the branding and design of the signage for the hotel. This was done by selecting a color palette that is appropriate for the hotel as well as having  a typeface that is consistent though out the entire hotel. This typeface will be used on all of the way finding signage and general signage for the hotel. The logo itself will also represent the theme of the hotel and will also reflect the area that the hotel is located in, St. Augustine Florida. 
Castillo Del Sol Logo:
The logo is a combination of both a logo mark and logotype. Utilizing the historical aspects of St. Augustine’s history to create a logo that represents the areas Spanish colonial culture. This was done by placing a stylized 15th century style castle a top a plaque to represent a coat of arms. The color used is terra-cotta orange, a color that is seen not only in the Mediterranean but also on the rooftops of the older buildings in the city.  
The sole use of the typeface shown is  critical to the sinage and continuity of the  brand. The typeface chosen for the signage can be used for any occasion and is clean and easy to read. This is important for wayfinding signage so that hotel patrons have clear easy to read and identifiable type to guide them as they make there way to their destinations within the hotel.
Castillo Del Sol Map:
Castillo Del Sol site map is color branded for easy navigation for hotel patrons. The map key identifies different areas of the hotel by color and corresponding area.
Methodology Applied:
The same principles used in the design of the main logo were applied for the hotel signage. The color used is teracotta orange, a color that is seen not only in the Mediterranean but also on the rooftops of the older buildings in the city.
Hotel signage
Castillo Del Sol Restaurant:
El Conquistador restaurant also falls under the theme of the hotel representing the cultural flavor of ST. Augustine FL. The cuisine served there consists of a variety of dishes, which stem from Spain’s extensive history with many cultural influences which has led to an array of unique cuisines. The hotel patron can expect to have an authentic  Spanish meal and taste the flavor and unique recipes that those early explorers brought with them.
Castillo Del Sol Hotel
Environmental Graphics Standards Manual
Logo Sketches for hotel.
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